Do What You Love

Turn What You Love Into Income Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I could only get paid to do what I love?” Maybe you can. In fact, that’s how many entrepreneurs get started. But you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to want to make some extra spending money. The bonus is doing something that you love! Here are ...

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DXN Business Plan in Bangla

DXN Business plan in bangla cover

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How to earn money at the micro job site


Make Money Online From Micro Jobs Micro jobs are jobs that are posted online for micro workers to complete. Many companies tend to have smaller jobs that they wish to outsource to people who will do them for a smaller amount of pay. Micro jobs are one of the latest ways to make money online from the comfort of home. ...

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Twitter For Dummies


Using Twitter is fun and surprisingly easy. Nearly 20 million people are tweeting on Twitter, and this book shows you how to join them and why you should. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of using Twitter, how to make good connections, and how it can benefit your life and your business. Twitter is the fastest-growing of the social networking ...

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Motivational Quotes


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Sleep system


We need proper sleep patterns to assist us with our memory formations and cognitive functions. Sleep deprivation results in fatigue (no surprise there), irritability, decreased attention span, slower response time, memory gaps, and impaired judgment..  Blood pressure has its own circadian rhythm, decreasing while you sleep and rising when you awaken. Those people with higher levels of anger and hostility ...

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Memory – Information processing


We are going to present various strategies to process information and learn something new. Be aware that by practicing these techniques in a learning situation, you are exercising many regions of the brain. You might feel rusty in the beginning, but remember that as you practice, the activity shifts into other areas of the brain, and you become more efficient ...

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Memory – formation system


The memory – formation system is made up of the hippocampus, the limbic thalamus, and the basal forebrain. Information is obtained through the senses, passed through the memory-formation system, and transferred to permanent storage in the outer layers of the cortex. For information that you need on a temporary basis, nerve cells adjust existing proteins to hold the memory until ...

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Memory – Learning styles


Some people prefer to listen to new information and are called auditory learners, whereas others prefer to see the new information and are described as visual learners. If you listen primarily to words on the radio, on television, and in conversation, the sections of your brain that are activated (hearing words) become stronger, just as the specific muscles a body ...

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Memory storage systems

You are bombarded with information every waking moment. Once selected, some information passes from immediate memory – that is, what you can sense – into short-term or holding memory. Finally, a small amount of the original information makes it to permanent long-term memory. The final move to long-term memory is what we call learning. Capturing information You obtain information through ...

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